Vision & Mission 

Special thanks to Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez (dancer), Ana Portela (dancer), Merel Rumping (fado singer) and Laia Terré (cellist) for having been a part of the creation process and performing during the Frisian Dance Days in the European Cultural Capital Leeuwarden in October 2018, and thank you to Laila el Bazi who worked with us for a short period in 2019. 

Jacqueline Back | Dancer 

Jacqueline worked as a soloist with the Vienna Festival Ballet. After touring the UK for two years, she moved to the Netherlands in pursuit of new artistic endeavors and has performed with Ballet Bernasconi, under the direction of Laura Rae Bernasconi.  Jacqueline teaches classical ballet at the Utrecht Center for the Arts. A sensitive and charismatic dancer.   Studied ballet at the London Studio Centre.        

Maria Kuchowicz | Dancer & Artistic Assistant 

Maria is a dancer, artistic assistant, interactive performer, dance teacher. Maria teaches at the Amsterdam Pole Dance Factory, under direction of Tatjana van Onna. Maria is a master in improvisation and contemporary floor work and pole with an amazing artistic vision. 

Bachelor and Master in Dance from the Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz - Austria  

Noa van Tichel | Dancer 

​​Noa is a contemporary dancer  and writer. She was apprentice for the Conny Janssen Danst production MIRROR MIRROR and danced at the Konzert Theater Bern and the Dutch National Opera. Noa currently tours with the Joshua Monten Dance Company and recently joined PZ. She writes for the feminist platform Vrouwengereedschap (Women's Tools). Wise beyond her years.

Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Amsterdam School of the Fine Arts 

Zahira Mous | Artistic & Executive Director

Zahira is a change maker.  Choreographer, dance educator, writer, meditation facilitator, and a bringer of truth. She has practiced dance for 30 years and explored spiritual practices in-depth for a decade.

Master of Fine Arts in Dance; Graduate Certificate in Women's Gender Studies from University of Oklahoma; Bachelor of Theatre in Education from NHL

Merel Cornet | Dancer & Repetiteur 

Merel is a dancer, rehearsal assistant, contemporary dance teacher, trance dance instructor, Pilates instructor, and shaman. Merel also dances with MAS&CO in Haarlem under direction of Mascha Tielemans, and has been with PZ since 2015. A stellar, intuitive dancer and human being

Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Amsterdam School of the Fine Arts 

Who we are

Laura Roura i Foixa | Cellist & Vocalist 

In Reclaiming the Goddess, Laura will play the cello and sing live. Laura played with renowned orchestras, such as the Noord Nederland Orkest, and in music halls such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. She recorded two albums. Laura also teaches private cello lessons. A gifted artist. 

Bachelor of Music, Utrecht Conservatory of Music

Master of Music, Royal Conservatory of The Hague

Ivana Berkhout | Dancer (apprentice) 

Ivana started dancing in Amsterdam at the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts. After graduating, the continued her dance studies at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. This coming season, she'll be in her 4th year of the contemporary-urban track and theater dance. She has joined PZ as an apprentice. She also teaches aerial hoop classes in Alkmaar & Tilburg. A strong, sensitive and energetic dancer. 


Zahira is a pioneer in the professional dance field by bringing meditation to the theater, and also by creating a respectful, joyful and nourishing working environment for dancers. 

PZ dancers are invited to be authentic, allowing their vulnerabilities and strengths to show.  The creative process enhances their personal and professional lives through playfulness, creativity, sisterhood and co-creation in a compassionately led environment. 

Zahira  aims to empower women and to share deeply moving dance theater works with the world. Performances that go beyond the aesthetic form. Zahira connects personal stories to artistic concepts and weaves dance and theater seamlessly together. These become meaningful experiences for the creative team and audiences alike. 

With this mission, Zahira also founded the 'sister organization' that focuses on bringing dance to at-risk, underserved or impoverished communities (in India and Brazil). The organization is called Changing Lives Through Dance.

For more info, please visit 

Together, we operate under the umbrella of the Healing Arts Foundation.

"Let's bring light where there's darkness." 

- Zahira