Project Zahira produces dance theater experiences, braving themes of gender, womanhood, conditioning, personal freedom and the Divine Feminine. The work emerges from a presence process and collaborative creativity. 

To be a PZ dancer, another dimension is required besides being a fantastic contemporary dancer. The dancer needs to be willing to choose a process of deep personal and spiritual transformation, allowing one's vulnerability and authenticity to be present, inviting flow and creativity; ultimately enhancing the quality of their life and that of the choreographic work. The creative process is collaborative and based on principles of a circle of trust. Performance material is explored via dance improvisations, creativity, and writing assignments.

Currently, PZ is working on a new production "Reclaiming the Goddess" with dancers/performers/goddesses Merel Cornet, Maria Kuchowicz, Ana Portela, Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez, cellist Laia Terré, and fado singer Merel Rumping. Come see the preview of this brand new show on October 5th at the Friese Dansdagen in Leeuwarden, the European cultural capital 2018.  You can also contribute to our work via www.gofundme.com/projectzahira