Project Zahira creates identity-based dance theater works that emerge from active meditations, a presence process, and facilitated creativity. Quite an experience for dancer ánd viewer. 

Artistic director Zahira Mous attained a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and a Graduate Certificate in Women's & Gender Studies and a Bachelor of Theatre in Education. Zahira has traveled the world to gain invaluable experiences about art and living, and continues to do so - while living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For nearly a decade, Zahira explored meditations as a means of growth and healing and found OSHO's active meditations to be the most powerful tool for transformation. She facilitates rehearsals and creative sessions in line with OSHO's vision of truth, love, and creativity.  It's Zahira's mission to empower women and to share deeply moving dance theater works with the world. ​Click here to review trailers of the work. 

To be a PZ dancer, another dimension is required besides being a fantastic contemporary dancer. The dancer needs to be willing to choose a process of deep personal and spiritual transformation, allowing one's vulnerability and authenticity to be present, inviting flow and creativity; ultimately enhancing the quality of their life and that of the choreographic work. The creative process is collaborative and based on principles of a circle of trust. Performance material is explored via dance improvisations, creativity, and writing assignments. Currently, PZ is working on a new production "Vagina" (working title), with Merel Cornet (since 2015), Maria Kuchowicz (since 2017), and Ana Portela (since 2018).  

Because of Zahira's devotion to serve the community, she founded Changing Lives Through Dance; dance education projects for underserved girls and young women in Brazil and India. Click on the link if you seek more information on Zahira's NGO.