Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez (Dancer) has an Iranian-Colombian background while partially growing up in Paris, France. Djahan has lived in the Netherlands for 15 years now and has given birth to three daughters.

Together with actor Julio Cesar Galeano, she founded one of the first post-modern dance companies in Colombia, Noruz. After, she traveled to Amsterdam to study at SNDO (School voor Nieuwe Dans Ontwikkeling, School for New Dance Development) at the Amsterdam University for the Arts (AHK). 

Djahan discovered Indian arts and traveled to India to specialize in both Kalarippayattu (Indian martial arts) and Mohini Attam (classical Indian dance from Kerala). Meanwhile, Djahan worked as a performer, dancer, and in physical theater for Sassan Saghar Yagmai, Dick Hauser, DOX, Agaath Witteman, and Miranda Lakerveld. She also created works of her own with pure Kalari. 

Djahan has been teaching Kalarippayat to professional dancers for many years to companies such as NB Projects (Nicole Beutler), IDT, HJS (Henny Jurriëns Foundation), and ICK Amsterdam/ Emio Greco|PC Scholten. She also offers Ayurvedic Kalari massages and is currently doing a study in classical Ayurveda.