Taking on a unique role in Reclaiming the Goddess, we are very happy to announce that a vocal performing artist Goddess has joined us on the path. 

Laila el Bazi started her first study to become an actor 12 years ago. Her artistic journey brought her to doing an internship at Jeugdtheater DOX where she became acquainted with contemporary dance. She proceeded to study in a special talent program at theater company Tryater in Leeuwarden. 

She trained in physical theater, vocal coaching and the four elements improvisation method. 

After working for two years as a freelance performer a.o. Tryater, Laila started a second study which brought her deeper into the workfield: Modern Dance at Fontys Fine Arts in Tilburg. She did her internship at Danstheater AYA in Amsterdam, where she continued working for four seasons. 

For European Cultural Capital 2018, Laila returned to Leeuwarden to work as allround artist in the performance Karawane where she danced, acted and sang. Laila continues to explore these three disciplines in her own way as a freelance performer and theater maker, and has recently joined Project Zahira to perform in Reclaiming the Goddess as a vocalist. And she's taking on a very special role.