Maria Kuchowicz (Dancer | Artistic Assistant) was born in Poland, which is where she started her journey with dance as a young girl. For nine years, she trained at the Polish National Ballet School in Lódz. After graduation, she moved to Austria where she studied contemporary dance in Linz at the Anton Bruckner Private University.

She attained both bachelor's and master's degrees in dance. Maria has been with Project Zahira since February 2017. She has toured internationally alongside Merel Cornet to Athens, Greece to perform at the 50th World Congress of Dance Research, organized by the International Dance Council (CID) with Who am I without my story? And currently working on Reclaiming the Goddess. 

Besides dancing for Project Zahira, you can often find Maria at the Amsterdam Pole Dance Factory. She teaches a variety of classes in stretch, flexibility and a fusion class of modern dance and pole. Maria is a master at teaching, a seasoned performer and can take on a number of styles within dance: ballet, modern/contemporary, and pole with exceptional improvisation skills. 

​Follow her adventures on instagram @mariakuchowicz