We are very happy to announce our new Goddess arrival: Noa. 

Noa van Tichel was born in Belgium and has been trying out many different dance styles since she was a child. She studied Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. She has danced as an apprentice in MIRROR MIRROR 2017, with Conny Janssen Danst. For the 2017-2018 season, she joined Konzert Theater Bern in Switzerland as an apprentice. After graduating in 2018, Noa joined Joshua Monten Dance Company in Switzerland, with which she is still touring abroad in 2019. She now combines her work with Project Zahira. Additionally, she has worked with the Dutch National Opera and Livia Rita. Noa loves to create her own work as well. Besides dancing, she is a freelance writer for the soon-to-launch feminist platform called Vrouwengereedschap (Women's Tools). Welcome, Noa! 

Follow her on Instagram @noavantichel