a selection of choreographic works

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a multi-interpretable dance performance in which females rebuke a man's violence through witchcraft 

10 minutes

v revivivied

Reclaiming the Goddess


Who am I without my story?

an artistic toolkit for healing methods. 

you will feel stronger and more connected to yourself after experiencing this intense, cathartic, yet meditative performance. 

the trailer is of the preview that was performed at the Frisian Dance Days in the 2018 European Cultural Capital Leeuwarden. RTG will premiere in September 2019. 60 minutes in length with interesting extended programs ("randprogrammering")


a journey through peeling off the layers of social conditioning. with an open-ending to the question of Who am I without my story? 

40 minutes, yet with variable lengths for festival options 


highlighting the space between our public & private identities and the (dark) fantasies we prefer keeping to ourselves, yet are exposed in Twofold 

20 minutes

witchy mystical trio about the female psyche, with three characters that represent aspects of one woman 

10 minutes