Zahira Lieneke Mous (Director) attained a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and a Graduate Certificate in Women's & Gender Studies from The University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Theatre in Education from NHL University. 

As a means for growth and healing, Zahira has explored meditations and spiritual practices for nearly a decade, traveling the world, while exploring the (power of) performing arts for nearly three decades. Zahira facilitates rehearsals and creative sessions with a vision of truth, love, creativity, and compassionate leadership. It's her mission to empower women and to share deeply moving dance theater works with the world: ​Performances that go beyond form. 

Zahira knows how to connect personal stories to an artistic concept and weave them together in a collage style performance with a theme as its thread. Her backgrounds in dance, theater, writing, creative therapy, trauma healing, traveling, meditation and special projects for girls and women all come together in this meaningful production. 

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Besides creating dance theater productions, you may:  

* find Zahira's writing about dance in the Dutch national Dans Magazine 

* hire her as a coach for creative sessions (one-on-one and groups) 

* check out Zahira's global empowerment organization Changing Lives Through Dance

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