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About Us

pioneering spiritual dance theater

Project Zahira creates incredibly sensorial dance theater productions. The company is based out of Amsterdam with an international team. Zahira Mous's (artistic director) vision for the company is to allow all parties involved in the creation of a performance to be touched by the process. Project Zahira creates socially engaged works and honors the sacred feminine, functioning from the modality of women empowered leadership, creating with compassion and inviting the soul into the creative process. Performances engage the audience to be pulled into an interpersonal experience. Our most recent production is Reclaiming the Goddess, which shows the process of women finding their power and creating a supportive sisterhood. This production is sensorial and impactful by the incredible costumes created by Meer International, visual design by Zahira Mous, performance by Merel Cornet, Maria Kuchowicz, Jacqueline Back, and Ivana Berkhout and live vocals and cello - the 'forbidden' instrument for women.


Our Story

Project Zahira was founded with the desire to bring women together in a supportive environment in the arts, pioneering compassionate leadership in dance and creating deeply meaningful works in the realm of what we call 'spiritual dance theater,' bringing meditation to the theater. Zahira started her professional choreography career in 2006 in the Netherlands after which she lived in the United States for five years to explore creating a range of works. She returned in 2013 and continued her choreographic creations in Amsterdam. By 2015 she met Merel Cornet whom co-created De Doos, which turned into Who am I without my story? when we asked Maria Kuchowicz to join the cast in 2017. Project Zahira gained her name officially when the three of them went on tour to Greece for the 50th World Congress of Dance Research in Athens, Greece. By the end of the year started research for Reclaiming the Goddess and with some changes in the cast, ultimately landed on Merel and Maria plus Jacqueline Back and Ivana Berkhout. RTG was premiered in September 2019 and had an incredible last performance in January of 2020 in Zahira's home town. We are looking for the right moment to go on tour and hold the desire in our hearts to do so in 2022.

Meet The Team

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