Wild Child Agency is our agent in the Netherlands! For info and bookings, email info@wildchildagency.nl

Project Zahira produces deeply-moving dance theater experiences, braving themes of gender, womanhood, conditioning, personal freedom, and healing. Our works emerge from co-creation.

Currently re-planning our tour in the Netherlands and in Brazil for the end of 2021 - for the unique dance theater experience Reclaiming the Goddess with accompanying workshop and post-show talk with the audience. In Brazil we will show an adapted version called Cura.

In the meantime, we hope to see you again soon. And please take good care of your health: physically and emotionally. We can get through this together.

We are grateful for the sponsorships provided by the VSB Fonds, Rabobank Coöperatiefonds and the Provinsje Fryslân


dance theater



We share experiences so personal, they become universal. This way, we can touch many people's hearts.

Power. Healing. Beauty. 

We bring a unique quality to the performing arts by seamlessly merging dance and theater, and by creating palpable depth. 

Vulnerable. Strong. Conscious. Present. 

Spiritual Dance Theater.

That's Project Zahira.