We share experiences so personal, they become universal. This way, we can touch many people's hearts. Power. Healing. Beauty.

We bring a unique quality to the performing arts by seamlessly bringing dance and theater together, but also by going deep. Depth is felt in our performances, because of the dancers':

Vulnerability. Rawness. Truth.

Strength. Consciousness. Presence.

That's Project Zahira. In co-creation. 

It was an inner voyage through senses and feelings! Disturbing, uncomfortable, sensitive, respectful, raw and honest! Beautiful work! - Christina Mastori 




What does the audience say about uS?

about Who am I without my story?

at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017

Amazing dance performance! So topical and current! Flawless, brave, fearless and not afraid to ask tough questions!! Bravo - Karn Verma 

Het was een geweldige voorstelling! Niet iets dat je dagelijks ziet en dat maakt het bijzonder! - Hans Ruivenkamp