Project Zahira produces deeply-moving dance theater experiences, braving themes of gender, womanhood, conditioning, personal freedom, and healing; embracing the Consciousness of the Sacred Feminine. The works emerge from co-creation.

Currently presenting the unique dance theater experience Reclaiming the Goddess with accompanying workshop The Goddess Path and post-show talk with the audience. 

Keep an eye on our agenda for future dates.

Jul-Aug 2019 | Goddess Path workshops at women's center Fier's Summer Academy, Leeuwarden

6 Aug 2019 | Studio De Vlugt, Amsterdam (try-out)

16 Aug 2019 | Vondelpark Openluchttheater Amsterdam (preview) 

12-15 Sept 2019 | Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis (premiere) 

26 Nov 2019 | Lecture with Zahira in São Paulo, Brazil 

7 Dec 2019 | The Goddess Path in São Paulo

23 Jan 2020 | Theater De Lawei, Drachten 

incl. workshop & after-talk 

dance theater


We share experiences so personal, they become universal. This way, we can touch many people's hearts.

Power. Healing. Beauty. 

We bring a unique quality to the performing arts by seamlessly merging dance and theater, and by creating palpable depth. 

Vulnerable. Strong. Conscious. Present. 

That's Project Zahira.