Project Zahira produces deeply-moving dance theater experiences, braving themes of gender, womanhood, conditioning, personal freedom, and healing; embracing the Consciousness of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. The works emerge from co-creation.

Currently working on the unique dance theater experience Reclaiming the Goddess with accompanying workshop The Goddess Path. Come find us on January 23, 2020 in De Lawei in the Netherlands or participate in an all-day workshop with Zahira in São Paulo on December 7, 2019. 

dance theater

Jul-Aug 2019 | Goddess Path workshops at women's center Fier's Summer Academy, Leeuwarden

6 Aug 2019 | Studio De Vlugt, Amsterdam (try-out)

16 Aug 2019 | Vondelpark Openluchttheater Amsterdam (preview) 

12-15 Sept 2019 | Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis 

26 Nov 2019 | Lecture with Zahira in São Paulo, Brazil 

7 Dec 2019 | The Goddess Path in São Paulo

23 Jan 2020 | Theater De Lawei, Drachten 

incl. workshop & after-talk 

Summer 2020 | Tour to Brazil 




We share experiences so personal, they become universal. This way, we can touch many people's hearts.

Power. Healing. Beauty. 

We bring a unique quality to the performing arts by seamlessly merging dance and theater, and by creating palpable depth. 

Vulnerable. Strong. Conscious. Present. 

That's Project Zahira.