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To the crescendo of a custom-made musical composition, a woman dances herself to death in a sacrificial choreography. She is The Chosen; selected to die by hypothetical men so these very men can live. The music symbolizes the male gaze, which is the driving force of this death ritual.


Another woman arrives; a macabre duet starts. The Chosen’s lifeless body is heavy; like the weight of emotional and physical violence, which women suffer from daily. The other woman literally drags the lifeless body of The Chosen across the stage. Leaving a trail of blood. Who's responsible for this death? Who will be held responsible for femicide? 

Zahira saw Pina Bausch’s modern dance interpretation of the Rite of Spring many years ago and it was a shocking piece because of the thematic nature of the choreography. The original piece is a ballet created in 1913 by Vaslav Nijinsky for Sergei Diaghilev’s ballet company Ballets Russes with the musical composition by Igor Stravinsky called Le Sacre du Printemps. In this ballet, a virgin is sacrificed to appeal to the god of spring. The Chosen is forced to ritually dance herself to death.

Concept: Zahira Mous

Performance & co-creation: Ivana Berkhout & Zahira Mous

Musical composition: Matt Rudge

Will premiere in September in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Selected from 460 applications.

We feel grateful for this honor. Co-funded by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten -

Stimuleringsregeling Eigentijdse Dans.

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